Susan G Komen for the Cure

Who was Susan G Komen? Susan Goodman Komen was born in 1943 in Peoria, Illinois . She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33. Three years later , in 1980, she  passed away from this disease. The thought process was that her outcome could have improved had patients known more about cancer and its treatment. Thus her legacy was carried on when in 1982,  her younger sister, Nancy, helped establish the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in memory of Komen. The name has changed, but the goal to “end breast cancer forever” has remained constant.

With that said and the brief history of the foundation, I am proud to say that I have two team members participating Saturday morning in the Richmond  Susan G Komen run. Tracey and Wendy, both my hygienist in my practice, have been training daily in anticipation of their 5K run. I look forward to hearing how the run goes tomorrow and wish for some cool dry weather. In support of ” the girls” . Good Luck!


Welcome Doctor Johnson

Dr Woody Johnson and his 3 people from his team (Dell, Shirley and Tabitha) moved into my office on Thursday. We boxed up and moved all the tools and supplies, while the movers carried the big and heavy dental equipment like chairs,x-ray machines and desks. My team and his were tired by the end of the day. I think the pizza from Arianna’s Restaurant on Lakeside was a big hit. I am sure everyone slept well that night. They will begin their first day on Lakeside Avenue on Tuesday March 19th. All are welcome for a personal tour of the new Circeo-Johnson office!!!

Help is On the Way

Since 2003, I have been the only doctor working out of my building, but I built it big enough to have a second person work there with me. So  it looks like in a  few weeks, that I will finally have another local dentist working out of my office. Since I have the extra space, he can work  with me on Lakeside Avenue. Looks to be a great opportunity for both of us. More details to follow real soon…

God Bless us, everyone!

My office team and I finished the year by having lunch at the Strawberry Street Cafe. Not only did we celebrate our good fortunes with each other, but celebrated our good health. After our lunch, we enjoyed 4-days off from work to spend time with our own families. Best wishes for a healthy 2013.  How did your office  celebrate the end of the year?

Food Drive

I went to a party over the holiday and saw this quote in a friends living room that was quite unique “If you think that you are too small to make a difference, try getting in bed with a mosquito”. We had many patients and friends come into the office to drop off non perishable food items. Every single item will certainly make a difference. Thank you to all who helped contribute and donate food to the Richmond Food Bank. We collected 350 pounds of food. The food bank was very excited about the amount of this food donation from just one office, Good job and thanks!!



November 2012 coat drive

Congratulations and thank you to all who donated their used coats to help support the Puritan Cleaners Annual Coat  Drive. We have collected fourty -seven (47) coats to help our fellow Richmonders. Sometimes a gesture of kindness is appreciated in more ways than we can only imagine.  Best Wishes to all my patients for a festive Thanksgiving with your families and a wonderful holiday. I hope all of you are able to enjoy some time off and enjoy some free time with your family and close friends. I hope to see you again soon! Thank you,Thank you very much.

Floss Anyone?

Dental floss was introduced by a New Orleans dentist in 1815. He suggested to use thin silk thread to clean between your teeth. This idea to clean and preserve the teeth and gum health was such a novel idea given that most people expected to lose there teeth as young adults. Also, the idea of putting your fingers in your mouth to clean your teeth was quite foreign too. In the past people had used pointed sticks for interdental devices. Later toothpicks became quite the fashion.In fact, during Victorian times, the New York Times reports that after dinner a gentleman would produce a leather box lined with velvet and withdraw his gold pick and begin grooming. Even Charles Dickens owned a toothpick inlaid with ivory and engraved with his initials. In 1898, Johnson & Johnson Company patented the first dental floss similar to the stitches that doctors used. Later in 1940, nylon would replaced the silk. But after World War II, wax was introduced on the nylon to make it easier to floss. Recently, special handles have been invented to help make handling floss easier. In addition to nylon, GorTex has been used as well as different textures, flavors and degrees of stiffness that also aide around cleaning braces and fixed bridges. Today, flossing remains an important adjunct to maintaining overall oral health.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone..Just wanted to quickly report on our food drive this season as well as our Puritan Cleaners Coat drive for the winter. My patients have been quite generous in donating non-perishable food..We have collected nearly 150 lbs of food and 30 coats. The office will continue this drive until November 30th . Thank you for your generosity for this worthwhile cause.

Halloween is such a fun event for kids , adults and pets alike!  You might see me around the neighborhood dressed loking like ELVIS.  Java our pug dog will be “an escaped prison inmate” complete with black and white stripes… What will your costume be?  Enjoy your trick-or- treating tonite and be safe driving around the neighborhood.

Help Wanted

Beginning today, my office has volunteered to help the Richmond community with two seasonal events. The first is a canned food drive and the second is the Puritan Cleaners’ Coats For Kids. There is such a huge need to help feed the many poor people of our community. We will be accepting any canned or boxed foods (no glass and all non-perishable).  All food will be taken to the Richmond Food Bank.  Secondly, bring in your used coats especially children sizes. I will take the donated coats to Puritan Cleaners to be laundered and distributed soon afterwards.

Collection of either the coats or the canned food will be accepted in my dental office until Friday November 30th. I hope to keep you posted as to the progress of  both events.

 Thanks For Your Support.

My How you’ve Changed Since I Changed…

Last week, the office went to a Continuing Education program that touched on practice related issues

The concern that dentistry has preached for the last 20-years is that the bacteria that causes gum disease is linked to other problems in the rest of the body.  There is a seven-fold greater risk for delivering a premature baby of low birthweight. A  two time greater risk for stoke and heart disease . Also, a risk for diabetes. osteoporosis and alzheimer’s disease.

This infection in the mouth (periodontal Disease), can play havoc elsewhere in your body. Treating the inflamation will not only manage  gum disease, but may also manage to affect your overall health. Also, don’t forget to floss!!