Susan G Komen for the Cure

Who was Susan G Komen? Susan Goodman Komen was born in 1943 in Peoria, Illinois . She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33. Three years later , in 1980, she  passed away from this disease. The thought process was that her outcome could have improved had patients known more about cancer and its treatment. Thus her legacy was carried on when in 1982,  her younger sister, Nancy, helped establish the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in memory of Komen. The name has changed, but the goal to “end breast cancer forever” has remained constant.

With that said and the brief history of the foundation, I am proud to say that I have two team members participating Saturday morning in the Richmond  Susan G Komen run. Tracey and Wendy, both my hygienist in my practice, have been training daily in anticipation of their 5K run. I look forward to hearing how the run goes tomorrow and wish for some cool dry weather. In support of ” the girls” . Good Luck!


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