Dental field Trip

photo photo 2 20140424_182807On Thursday April 24, I closed the office early so my team and I could enjoy a beautiful Richmond spring day. We started our morning by visiting the Virginia War Memorial and had a wonderful tour of the museum. We even viewed a  short movie about the war effort at home during  WWII. We stopped for lunch at the Panne e Vino Restaurant on Broad Street across from  the Children’s, Museum. The dishes were quite tasty! Finally, the fellas from Segway of Richmond  taught us to drive their Segway through the Hollywood Cemetery. The Segway tour was a blast! and easy to drive too. Ask us about our field trip the next time you are in the dental office. Happy Spring.

I’d better stick to fix’n teeth

Odd or Even?

Odd or Even?

Wendy,Kelly and Evelyn winning at the table!

Wendy,Kelly and Evelyn winning at the table!

Last month, our office was invited to spend the evening with Commonwealth Endodontist  at the Richmond Historical Society. It was casino night!  It was a good thing that the chips were not real or else I would have lost my shirt. This night taught me to stick to fixing teeth as my day job, Ha Ha.  There was plenty of good food to eat and plenty to drink. The evening was amazingly fun! The facility was quite beautiful. What a great place to have a reception.




Snow Dayz

Richmond once again is looking for another snow day.  Thanks to my 3- kids who have been doing the snow dance all week, Richmond should get plenty of snow. Schools should be closed the rest of February ( that is of course, if they were in charge). Well, we will see if they get their wish. We are all hoping  for a fun wintery midweek holiday!  I guess that groundhog knew something about our weather afterall. The silver lining is that March is only 2 1/2 weeks away.To all my family friends and patients, be careful driving on the roads and enjoy some hot chocolate with the little marshmellows (my favorite) Also,take some time to enjoy the company of your families. And finally,when the day is done and you are exhausted don’t forget to brush and floss.

Merry Christmas

office stuff 2013 037We celebrated the end of another great year in the office with an extended lunch at The Glen Restaurant. It is located near the Virginia Center Commons at The Crossings. Our afternoon celebration was delicious.  We  count our blessings for our good fortunes throughout the year. We certainly wish for a healthy 2014.

Earlier in the month, we met a beautiful  17- year old teenager  from New Kent. She shared with us a health concern she has been dealing with for a few years. Over lunch with some Arrianaha’s pizza, she taught us about her condition called Gastroparesis ( a paralyzed stomach maybe from a virus) In her case,  it is a condition that reduces the ability to empty its contents. It does not involve blockage (obstruction). Since food does not pass normally through the stomach, she must eat through a tube that bypasses her stomach. She has a great spirit and  wonderful family support. Doctors hope to find a cure for her problem. That afternoon, we learned a lot from her.  We appreciate our own health and the health of our children.  We learned a lot that afternoon and to certainly not to sweat the small stuff. Anyone ever heard of this condition? Please chime in with some comments.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!office stuff 2013 040

Coat Drive Final

We had a great coat drive this year to help  people who are in need. Thank You to our many generous patients who brought in both new and used coats. We managed to collect even more than last year. Our total collection this year was sixty (60) coats. Puritan Cleaners  who ultimatly collect our coats, will clean them and do some general mending as well as secure loose buttons before distributing them throughout the Richmond community.

Best wishes to all my patients, staff and their families for a wonderful holiday season with our families and friends. Also, I hope we can look forward to a  healthy 2014.  It’ s going to be a great year!!

Coat Drive Update

Thank you to everyone who generously brought in their unwanted coats and jackets for our Puritan Cleaners holiday coat drive. We have gotten a steady flow of coats dropped off at the office over the last few weeks. At the half way point, we have collected 33 (thirty three)-coats. There are still two more weeks to donate and the last day will be  Wednesday November  27th (the day before thanksgiving).

Also, great big kudos go out to Wendy our hygienist who has been training for months for the Richmond Half marathon today. Congratulations on a great race. I know how hard you have worked. You deserve to put your feet up on the couch tonight!

Coat Drive 2013

Once again  the office is partnering with Puritan Cleaners of Richmond to collect used coats. We will be collecting  your used coats  between November 1-30th . At the end of the drive, I will turn the coats we collect into Puritan Cleaners to be repaired and dry cleaned before distributing them to families in need of a warm coat this winter. Last year, you were quite generous with 47 coats of all different sizes and colors. Thank you for all your kindness and generosity!  I will report on the progress next month. Have a wonderful Halloween and a festive thanksgiving.

Happy Halloween

It is time once again to celebrate the Halloween  holiday with none other than a pumpkin decorating contest with Dr. Graham Gardner  Orthodontics. This year we decorated our pumpkin with a “Duck Dynasty” theme. We cut the pumpkin into quarters and decorated the duck dynasty  faces on each quarter and placed them in a duck blind…Check out Dr. Gardner’s  facebook page and you can see our pumpkin as well as all the other dental offices in Richmond that contributed to this fun event. Vote for your favorite pumpkin and our office could win a special treat for the most votes. A special thanks to Kelly and Trey P for their creative minds! Which pumpkin did you like?

Happy Halloween!DSCN1559

Congratulations Doctor Circeo

The August 2013 issue of Virginia Living Magazine voted Dr. Circeo as one of Virginia’s top dentist as voted on by his peers. What a great honor to him and his office. He has been a “Top Doc” in several years past in the Virginia Living Magazine. Great job, congratulations Doctor living

Independence Day

Looks like many people will be celebrating the Independence day holiday beginning on thursday. So why not take advantage of the four-day weekend. I plan to celebrate on thursday with some swimming,bbq on the grill and watch Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest. Totally unbelievable how Joey Chestnut and the Black Widow can eat all those dogs with the bun!Only in America. I plan to work on friday to catch anyone with a dental emergency before the weekend. Happy Fourth of July America.