Merry Christmas

office stuff 2013 037We celebrated the end of another great year in the office with an extended lunch at The Glen Restaurant. It is located near the Virginia Center Commons at The Crossings. Our afternoon celebration was delicious.  We  count our blessings for our good fortunes throughout the year. We certainly wish for a healthy 2014.

Earlier in the month, we met a beautiful  17- year old teenager  from New Kent. She shared with us a health concern she has been dealing with for a few years. Over lunch with some Arrianaha’s pizza, she taught us about her condition called Gastroparesis ( a paralyzed stomach maybe from a virus) In her case,  it is a condition that reduces the ability to empty its contents. It does not involve blockage (obstruction). Since food does not pass normally through the stomach, she must eat through a tube that bypasses her stomach. She has a great spirit and  wonderful family support. Doctors hope to find a cure for her problem. That afternoon, we learned a lot from her.  We appreciate our own health and the health of our children.  We learned a lot that afternoon and to certainly not to sweat the small stuff. Anyone ever heard of this condition? Please chime in with some comments.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!office stuff 2013 040

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