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Can trees help my toothache?

Sure, there is a tree nicknamed the toothache tree…Zanthoxylum americanum. The tree is 10-20 feet tall and some consider it a tall shrub because of its multiple trunks. It is also called prickly ash for its leaves, which are similar to ash tree. The bark is quite spiney too. But, it is closely related to orange, lemon and grapefruit trees rather than the ash tree. The tree is native to eastern North America. Native Americans used to bite into the berry or chew on the bark. This would release  a volatile oil,which contained an alkaloid believed to be berberine. The oil and the alkaloid creates a numbing sensation in the mouth which would ease the pain from a toothache. Later in the 19th century herbal doctors would continue to use it. It actually does numb the mouth if you dare. Nature  can be fascinating!!

Everyone Loves Power Tools

Since most people don’t make a habit of flossing ,or they find it really hard to get their fingers to swing the floss between the teeth just the right way…why not try a power tool?  I have found the Water Pik is awesome for power washing between the teeth.  You will be surprised at how much food is left between the teeth even after brushing. Most times water is fine, but some people like to water pik with listerine. Be sure to only point the nozzle between the teeth  and not down into the gums. And oh yea don’t point it toward your mirror or you will have a big mess…this is the voice of experience!  Water piks are cheap, around  $35.00 at the WalMart or Target and it will save you alot of expensive visits to my office. Next time stay tuned to learn about nature’s famous botanical toothache wonders. 


Best way to save money on your teeth

They say 90% of all people don”t floss their their teeth on a regular basis. And according to studies,most people know that they should! The fact is when we brush our teeth every day,there is still plaque between our teeth that the toothbrush can not clean. Some people honestly do not have the manual dexterity to manuver the floss between their teeth….so I suggest to you that something is better than nothing.  I recommend to you that a toothpick,a proxy brush(kind of a fancy pipe cleaner) or a flossing aide with a handle can be just as good. Stay tuned next week for my next post and I will tell you the number one  aide that will save your gums and teeth and keep me out of business.

Dental Trivia

The Statue of Liberty’s mouth is 3 feet wide.
The modern day toothbrush,nylon bristles and plastic handle, was invented in 1938.
The average person brushes for 13 seconds..check it out don’t say anything but watch your spouse,friend or sibling…see if I am right!

Your mouth is the gateway to your health!

Deep thought… Flossing adds years to your life.

Don’t Forget to Brush Your Teeth Before You Go to Bed…

Think about it, you have been eating three meals all day, not to mention snacks, you go to sleep and salivary flow drops. I know you’re tired at bedtime, but it’s a good idea to get that food off your teeth and gums..

Just some food for thought!!




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