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The Tooth Fairy

Who is the Tooth Fairy and how much dough does she put under our kids’ pillow… A survey was done a few years back (1996) with the question, “Is the Tooth Fairy a boy or girl?”. The results were 74% Female and 8% Male while 12% said neither male nor female.¬† I personally agree that tooth fairy is a girl!! Ask your friends what they think. Secondly, the cash that she leaves under the pillow has changed dramatically over the years. In 1950,she left a nickle or a dime. In 1970, it was a quarter. In 2008, as the economy was not so good the TF left on an average $1.88 but lately as the economy has has picked up, she leaves an average of $2.52.

Stay tuned to this blog about some  interesting history concerning this nocturnal visitor with a passion for used baby teeth.

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