Everyone Loves Power Tools

Since most people don’t make a habit of flossing ,or they find it really hard to get their fingers to swing the floss between the teeth just the right way…why not try a power tool?  I have found the Water Pik is awesome for power washing between the teeth.  You will be surprised at how much food is left between the teeth even after brushing. Most times water is fine, but some people like to water pik with listerine. Be sure to only point the nozzle between the teeth  and not down into the gums. And oh yea don’t point it toward your mirror or you will have a big mess…this is the voice of experience!  Water piks are cheap, around  $35.00 at the WalMart or Target and it will save you alot of expensive visits to my office. Next time stay tuned to learn about nature’s famous botanical toothache wonders. 


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