The Doctor is “in”

How great is it to know that I am finished paying for my college education….However, my own kids will be in college in the next 2-7 years. The price of college has increased steadily over the years. Right now we are estimating that my kids will need at least $20K each year. If however, they get some kind of tuition assistance that would be sweet, but certainly we are planning for the wost case scenario. I can remember wanting to apply for dental school in Boston where the tuition was $25K per year times 4 years and I was strongly persuaded to stay away from such a price tag. My tuition in dental school was $4000.00 and that was high in the late eighties. Seems pretty reasonable when you compare the cost of school today. Often I think how expensive school is , but I must always remember that education is an investment for more opportunities in life. I try to teach my kids that while they are in school, they have one job in life right now and that is to pay attention in school, study and to work hard. Hopefully, they will be eligible to go to college , but if not these same values will make them better people in life. At least, that is what we hope for our next generation who we know must take care of us as we get old. Best of luck and study hard !!!

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