My How We Have Changed!

Seems to me our preventative dental care options have improved tremendously over the last few generations.We have reversed our focus of reactive treatmenment of dental cavities to proactive treatment. Prevention has been the focus my entire career…

Does anyone remember brushing with Arm and Hammer baking soda? We now can buy our toothpaste with fluoride in any flavor of our choice. Of course dental floss now comes in a dozen different varieties: waxed, unwaxed, thin, thick, flavored and some with handles.  Soon there will be a whole new market for” beer- flavored” floss! We have gone from fluoride foam, to rinse and now fluoride varnish.

 Drinking water from the tap has been fluoridated  for years and some bottled water is fluoridated too.. Dental sealants are popular for preventing cavities in the deep grooves of you childern’s 12 year and 6-year molars. But for me bottled fluoride rinse such as ACT or Listerine Plus can really change the outcome of some cavity prone patients. The liquid can get around the fillings and crowns  of our teeth and protect the nooks and cranies from getting cavities. With all these preventative tools it will certainly protect your checkbook too..

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