Cowboys Are Still Alive


Funny how as we go through our daily routines,we do not notice things until we stop to pay attention to what is around us every day. I saw a sign posted at the River City Gym  that I could easily relate. There was a list of ten “cowboy values” that were basic, simple and yet very real. They were from a book written by James Owen “Cowboy Ethics and Cowboy Values”. I hope that as you read this list, that you find that you will be treated fairly and with compassion in my office. And equally important,I hope to pass these American Values onto my three children just as they were passed onto me!  Here are five of the ten values that seem to embody courage,optimism and self-reliance.

Live each day with courage
Take pride in your work
Always finish what you start
Do what has to be done
Be tough, but fair

Next week, I hope to list the five remaining values that talked to me like these first five!


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