So why do we have saliva in our mouth?

The most obvious reason to have saliva in our mouth is to help lubricate food so it is easier to swallow our food. But there are many other things that it does for us. Here is a short list of some of its duties that are essential, but not always quite glorious!

1) Lubricate our food before we swallow.

2) Neutral  PH( 6.2-7.4) so our mouth does not have an acidic PH.

3) Assist in breaking down carbohydrate before getting to the stomach

4) Assist in tasting the food.

5) Contains immune system antibodies, and antibacterial properties which some believe,”licking a wound”  is therapeutic.

6)Prevent cavities only when the PH is neutral.

7)Provide essential minerals to rejuvenate teeth strength.

8)Protect mouth from drying out.